Cauliflower Pizza Crust


It’s been well over a week (actually, we are now verging on two weeks, oops!) since my last blog post. I have been super busy this past week writing a Creative Brief for my Event Planning course and I also felt it was finally time to actually give in to my New Years Resolution: Try to eat healthier. Who knew that eating healthier takes a lot of pre-planning! And so, after many failed attempts at making a healthy cauliflower pizza crust in the past, I decided to give it one more go. Trust me, this attempt could in no way be worse then my last, which resulted in a watery, mushy, unappetizing hot mess. It was no where near edible, or at least I was not willing to try!

Needless to say, I felt a little defeated. Nothing is worse to me, then the anticipation and thrill of trying out a new recipe, only to find that the recipe just Does. Not. Work. Well, either the recipe doesn’t work, or somehow you made it not work. 

When I came across this recipe for a Perfect Cauliflower Crust I decided I’d give it one last whirl, as it seemed to have a few extra key steps to help with preparing the cauliflower, that my failed attempted recipe did not have. Apparently, what my last recipe was missing was  a step-by-step process to making this crust crispy and delicious!

Here’s how to create the Perfect Cauliflower Pizza Crust:

1. If possible, use a food processor, rather then a cheese block grater to make your ‘cauliflower rice’. In the past I had used a block grater and not only was it super messy, but it was really hard to control where all the cauliflower pieces were going. Case in point: I had cauliflower rice in my hair.

2.  For a quick way to steam your ‘rice’, use the microwave! I placed all my rice in a microwave safe bowl, covered it with plastic warp (with a little room to breathe), and let it steam for about 5-8 minutes on high (depending on how much rice your cauliflower yielded).

3. This is the most important step to ensuring your crust will stay crispy. After your ‘rice’ has steamed in the microwave, let it cool to the point where you can handle it safely (you don’t want to burn your hands!). Then, find a clean dishtowel, place all your ‘rice’ in the dishtowel, and squeeze out all the excess water over the sink. You will be amazed by just how much water comes out of the cauliflower. Squeeze until you arms cannot squeeze anymore! Once this step is completed, you should uncover what looks like a ball of cauliflower dough.

4. After following these steps, continue on with the process of shaping your dough, baking it, then adding your favourite pizza sauce, and toppings. Finally, place it back in the oven for a few minutes so the cheese can become gooey and bubbly brown. Then, enjoy your masterpiece!

If you feel like taking your pizza up a notch, top it with some fresh arugala, lightly tossed with some fresh lemon juice, or some fresh basil, and drizzle with a balsamic reduction for a sweet finish!

xx Kelly


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